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Peace Of Mind While Traveling

Legaroo Assist is a new way to tackle legal issues when traveling abroad.

With over 1,000 lawyers across 70 countries and speaking 14 languages, Legaroo Assist provides unique legal support for international travelers.

Be prepared and get International Travel Legal Assistance before traveling!

Better Safe Than Sick

Rockdoc's Virtual Travel Clinic provides protection against unforeseen health risks with destination-specific immunizations and health recommendations. Speak with a certified medical professional for pre-departure assessments, travel vaccinations and medications personalized to your medical history and itinerary.

Connect online with a travel medical specialist on your time and access your prescriptions with ease.

Our services

Providers of essential health and travel insurance for students studying abroad.


A money transfer service providing students with a cheaper and quicker way to pay tuition fees.


24/7 mental health helpline available to all students studying in the UK.

Our partners

Experience same-day, fast and convenient medical care with 24-hour visiting or telemedicine doctor service.


Worry Less – Travel More.
Legaroo is a new way to tackle legal issues when traveling abroad by a global network of local professionals.


Peregrine provides cost effective and sustainable risk management solutions to protect your students, teachers, assets and reputation.